Here are the places I'd go to again in a heartbeat, and where I'll skip on future travels. All needed equipment is provided as you learn rappelling, rope-assisted down climbs, and chimneying through slot canyons. Lincoln Town Car Signature Insurance Cost. Salt Lake City to Jackson. Guided mountain biking tours along the Moab Courthouse Loop (introductory route, 7-10 miles) are a great option for families riding together who want to experience mountain biking at an introductory level. Dead Horse Point State Park is located just outside of Moab and offers stunning views of the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park. Bryce Canyon isnt lacking in outdoor activities to experience. One of Utah's most famous ghost towns is Iosepa, which was designed to be an oasis for Hawaiian followers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after they were pushed out of Salt Lake City in the 1880s. Fly into Denver, Salt Lake City or Las Vegas and rent a car. One Salt Lake City restaurant standout is Caffe Molise. . From there, its a short drive to Moab. 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Once you reach Moab, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy, including hiking, biking, and river rafting. I'd love to visit places like Utah's little Switzerland again, but I'd skip Arches National Park. The scenic drive from Salt Lake City to Moab is something you wont soon forget. If youre looking to get from Salt Lake to Moab quickly, take the skies and arrive in a little over an hour. Overcast Clouds. Follow 191 for just over 80 miles into Moab. This is a short drive from the airport, and if you have the extra time, it is totally worth it. Utah Road Trip Itinerary Stop 1: Moab for a few nights Drive time Salt Lake City -> Moab: about 4 hours Stop #1 on your Utah road trip is Moab. Our family travels throughout the United States in our RV visiting beaches, national parks and everything in between. The trip can also be done in reverse, starting in Vegas and finishing in SLC. In addition to the idyllic small towns, numerous attractions and natural wonders await you along the route: the Great Salt Lake, the Bonneville Salt Flats, and the Logan Canyon with the Wind . Today, bits of Swiss culture are sprinkled throughout Midway. And, according to the spring's website, it's the only place for warm water diving in the continental US. The shops offeredwhatfelt to me like an endless combination of soda, syrups, and flavors. A mix of souvenir shops, jewelry stores, and Western outfitters line the downtown area, making it a perfect spot to stretch your legs and absorb the Moab outdoorsy vibe. If you do plan on going on many of the off-road trails without a travel guide, make sure you purchase the off-road guidebook called Moab, Ut Backroads & 4 Wheel Drive Trails. A drive through the park is like visiting the moon or another unearthly planet. There are altitude changes along the route, the terrain is mountainous, and the highway is sometimes undivided. How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car Dolly, How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car for a Week, Portland to Olympic National Park Distance, Drive Hours, Stops & Best Driving Route, Portland to San Francisco Distance, Drive Hours, Stops & Best Driving Route, Rapid City to Badlands National Park Distance, Drive Hours, Stops & Best Driving Route, Rent a Car in Siesta Key: $35+ Per Day To Enjoy Your Vacation. Where is the OBD port on a 2019 Honda CR-V? I wouldn't think of castles and hospitals going together, but in Provo, there's a castle-like amphitheater located on Utah State Hospital's property. From Salt Lake City, hop on I-15 south for a straight shot to the states southern reaches. Plan to enjoy a day or two on either end Moab and Salt Lake City offer their own special characters and are unique in their offerings. In 1892, it became Moab's county courthouse,and today's kitchen wasoncethe courthouse's jail cell. If youre looking to make some stops along the way, there are plenty of great places to visit on the drive from Salt Lake City to Moab. Power ranks Hertz as the best car rental company in North America, and for good reason. This route is approximately 240 miles long and takes about 3 hours and 48 minutes. , a healthy spot for a variety of fresh eats. During my short time in Moab, the Sunset Grill was mentioned multiple times by residents and due to its location, I was told it's supposed to be the best place to view a sunset (besides inside the nearby national parks). If I'm passing through Spanish Fork again, I plan to make another pit stop for either a yoga class or lunch buffet. Plus, the trip gives you a backstage pass to Canyonlands National Park. Im getting into car repair as a hobby and just bought my first OBD scanner. Here are some of the top attractions and scenic stops: Helper is a small town that is famous for its mining history. Take an archeological tour to get a sense of the lands history. My sweetheart and I are going to SLC 3/14-3/21. I tried it before heading into Arches National Park, and easily saw why the breakfast eatery attracts both locals and tourists alike. The Best Road Trip from Salt Lake City To Moab Drive through the Utah desert, visiting four national parks before arriving in Moab. Around the corner from the park sits a lone, bright yellow truck Quesadilla Mobilla. After failing for the third time, I got the sense that the owners don't want visitors getting close to the abandoned mine. Plus, they offer a wide selection of cars from economy to luxury so you can find the perfect ride for your trip. There are companies you can rent from, as well as platforms like Airbnb but for RVs. Type above and press Enter to search. Regardless of where youre driving, you need the, . This helps minimize overcrowding in the park. 1 hour Temple Square. From Bryce Canyon, its about two hours to Capitol Reef National Park, the site of a geologic wrinkle in the earths crust. This guide will help you get from Salt Lake City to Moab with some tips on great activities as well. Insider paid for the diving expenses, per our reporting standards. So I gave up and viewed the mine from a distance. To break things up, you can spend the night in Park Citythere are numerous good hotels to consider. driving 4 hours. The distance between Salt Lake City to Moab, Utah is 233.8 miles (376.2 km). 1. Drive back via Ashley National Forest. Tucked in an old courthouse, Utah locals told me that the Jailhouse Cafe is a Moab staple when it comes to breakfast. After providing you with a comprehensive cross-analysis of the best policies across providers, Jerry will handle the phone calls, paperwork, and renewals for your top pick so that you dont have to. Quotes from 50+ insurance companies. Todays drive is broken up into two shorter stretchesits just under two hours from Zion to Bryce Canyon National Park. The town was built in 1933 by Marie Ogden. The intrepid explorer can pilot their own ATV/UTV up and down the precarious rock formations following in the footsteps of many a skilled driver. 1 hour Wayan. From high-energy adventure to world-renowned musical talent, your road trip between the two will be filled with history, exploration, and great food. Can You Rent A Car With An OpenSky Credit Card? To break up the driving, I planned my road trip withstops atpopular roadside attractions and under-the-radar places. If you're planning a road trip to Salt Lake City, you can research locations to stop along the way. Mingling with students on the cusp of exploring their future imparts a sense of youthful exuberance, not to mention a trip down memory lane. Plus, it offers your family a consistent place to live while making your way down the road. Answer 1 of 13: Will be in Denver from a Sunday afternoon in July, fly home the following Saturday. Of all the tours available in the Moab area, Hells Revenge is the one you cant miss! We are both senior citizens and do not hike or ski. disembarked the luxury Rocky Mountaineer train, Utah Department of Health and Human Services' website, crowdsand had to contend with the hassle of needing a timed reservation to enter the park, mistakes park rangers often see in the national parks. Moab, Ut Backroads & 4 Wheel Drive Trails, Hells Revenge 44 Off-Roading Tour from Moab, Introductory Moab Courthouse Loop Mountain Biking Tour, Guide to the Best Hotels in Downtown Moab, Everything to Know About Jeep Tours in Moab. It's also one of Moab's few fine-dining restaurants, located in the former house of Charles A. Steen, a uranium miner who became a millionaire. But luckily, no matter where you are, Jerrys comprehensive roadside assistance package features up to 10 miles of towing plus jump starts, tire changes, fuel deliveries, and more. Start your day off by playing nine holes, or spend some time floating down the Colorado on a kayak or a paddleboard (either of which can be rented in town.) Park Fees: We recommend that you buy the $80 National Parks Pass that will allow you into all National Parks and Monuments. Both offer killer views of the towering rock formations. According to the Utah Department of Health and Human Services' website, state agencies, the general public, and USH employees can reserve the amphitheater. From Moab to Salt Lake City, I made more than a dozen pit stops on my road trip. Provo is the home of Brigham Young University. To sit back and enjoy the slick rock ride, book a tour with Big Iron Tours and hop aboard the Pain Train a 1970 M35 military transport vehicle. Sunset Grill is a well-known Moab establishment. You can read more about our experience in our Hells Revenge Trail Guide. If there is snow on the road, make sure you drive carefully, and you will make it safely. I found the experience to be quite refreshing after spending several hot days exploring Moab's desert. Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer RV rental company with 40,000 vehicles listed. Photos: The Narrows in Zion National Park Frances Gunn/Unsplash; Bryce Canyon National Park Photo by Edgar Chaparro/Unsplash; Camping near Moab Photo by Ben Duchac/Unsplash; Arches National Park Shutterstock; Cataract Canyon rafting trip James Kaiser. Expert hikers can embark on the 10-plus-mile Alcove Spring Trail that brings you to the base of the Moses and Zeus Towers. Theres no better way to experience Moab than exploring the off-road trails. Top 14 road trips from Salt Lake City. 2018-2023 CS Ginger. find more stops. No phone calls. If not, you may spring for a quick hike on BLM land alongside State Route 128 or Kane Creek. As the rehearsal began, I observed a slow but steady stream of people who walked into the building to watch. : Try to get up early to avoid the mid-afternoon heat while youre still out and about. Mountain biking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Moab. So when I read about the Dream Mine in Spanish Fork on Atlas Obscura, I knew I wanted to visit. Make sure you have a good pair of walking shoesgood, sturdy tennis shoes will do! Salt Lake City & Wasatch Front Winter in Southern Utah Ski Resorts Dark Sky Parks Things To DoToggle Menu Close Menu Arts & Museums Backpacking Camping Cycling Dinosaurs Festivals & Events Filmed in Utah Fishing Food & Nightlife Hiking History Mountain Biking OHV & Off-Road Rafting Road Trips Rock Climbing Skiing Slot Canyons Snowboarding Our goal, to share the worlds unique, hidden and once in a lifetime locations with you to create unforgettable memories. The John Wesley Powell River History Museum and Black Canyon Dragon Viewpoint are both in Green River. It's a Hare Krishna temple that celebrates Hindu devotion. And if youre willing to embrace the great outdoors, a long-winded journey from Salt Lake City to Moab features the best wildlife and scenery the state has to offer. As the water moved upward, it collected minerals and deposited them on the surface, which formed the volcano-shaped dome. OARS is a proud member of Adventure Collection, a partnership of the world's premiere adventure travel companies. I'm Bill Hinkson, a 37 year old writer who loves cars and traveling. After 280 miles of freeway driving, take exit 27 toward Toquerville. OARS is an equal opportunity provider. You can take a full days tour or something shorter that only takes a few hours. If more information had been provided on the petroglyphs, I think it may have been worth the drive. The park becomes very busy by mid-morning, and parking can be difficult. Its a must-see for the wonderfulif rather brasharchitecture alone. Make sure you check road conditions to double check the weather. Salt Lake City . follow the path of explorer John Wesley Powell, Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity. The town is located just an hour southeast of Salt Lake City. in Springdale. They also have a picnic table or two, so it is a good location to bring lunch if you dont want to purchase food there. It tends to be crowded on the weekend, so stick to weekdays and grab the earliest possible shuttle slot. The penne di caprino with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and artichoke hearts on a bed of penne is heavenly. One of the best things to do when traveling to Moab is to visit Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Feels like 15.98 Wind speed 5.8 mph Pressure 1029 hPa. Road Trip Conditions. The quickest way to get from Salt Lake City to Moab is via I-15 S and US-6 E/US-191 S. The route takes you through some breathtaking scenery, including the Wasatch Mountains, which are part of the Rocky Mountains. Their harmonious voices reverberate through your entire being with their glorious musical prayers. Moab is surrounded by a sea of buckled, twisted and worn sandstone sculpted by millennia of sun, wind and rain. If youre looking for a more scenic drive, consider taking Highway 89. The last leg of your journey would be a 50-minute drive southeast, from Green River to Moab. Flights from Salt Lake City to Moab are available most days. A trip time between March and May will offer you the most comfortable temperatures while also avoiding some of the summer crowds. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That means purchasing the best, most affordable insuranceand signing up for, Find insurance savings it's 100% free, Compare Free Quotes (& Save Hundreds per Year! Downtown Moab is a fun place to shop, eat, and people watch. Moab Giants Dinosaur Park is the best place to see dinosaurs in their life-size proportions. As an avid ghost-town explorer, a handful of my pit stops revolved around stopping at Utah's abandoned mines, deserted settlements, and empty, eerie hotels. . drive for about 1 hour. Salt Lake Citys Little America Hotel is a big surprise wrapped up in a neat package. Located on a tree-lined street downtown, the hotel exterior blends beautifully into the neighborhood in a charming and unassuming way. Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracks Trail, Bone Trail, Willow Springs Dinosaur Track Site, and the Bull Canyon Overlook Dinosaur Track Site are other Moab locations for more Jurassic fun! And while I had a blast exploring the geological wonderland, I'll skip it on my next visit. As long as you are practicing attentive driving and taking your time, the drive is totally doable and not scary. 42 minutes Lava Hot Springs. On most Thursday evenings from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., The Tabernacle Choir entertains audiences with their famed choir rehearsals. Salt Lake City is the ideal starting point to set out to the Yellowstone National Park and to discover the natural resources in northern Utah as well. With mountain biking, hiking, climbing, OHV opportunities, climbing, and rafting, there's no shortage of things to do. The history and stories I learned from the deserted plot of land I found were worthy of a pit stop. Enjoy the scenery on the four-hour drive before exploring the fringes of. Home of the Truth's origin story is the most fascinating ghost-town story I've heard. Clear Sky. : Guided horseback tours into the canyon are very popular and are less strenuous than hiking the Canyon. Driving from Salt Lake City to Moab takes approximately 3 hours and 49 minutes. Don't get me wrong, Arches National Park is a must for any first-time trip to Moab. Initially, I wasn't sure the extra mileage would be worth it. Salt Lake City is filled with tons of outdoor options as well! It features 10 revolving exhibits, each delving into the culture, history, and geography of Utah and The Great Salt Lake. Salt Lake City 23F. These sites work like Airbnb and VRBO. It has breathtaking view after view around every corner. Wandering around campus grounds brings back the halcyon days of college life. If youre on a budget and looking for the cheapest way to get from Salt Lake City to Moab, taking a bus is your best option. Each year, the temple holds one of the largest color festivals outside India, its website states. Keep it simple and keep it delicious. The Cheapest Way to Get from Salt Lake City to Moab, Salt Lake City to Moab Drive Rent A Car In Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City to Moab Driving Stops Along The Way, Salt Lake City to Moab Best Driving Route. Todays drive through Utahs high desert is around two hours and 45 minutes. At the top of Dead Horse Point State Park, there is a large flat area the point surrounded by deep, rocky canyons with precipitous drops. You would need to figure out transportation from Green River to Moab. O.A.R.S. Sandi loves writing about culture, cuisine, adult beverages, cruising, golf, skiing, road trips, hiking, New England, and photography. In one corner of downtown is a large food truck park where you can dine on everything from gelato to paninis. I think my time would've been better spent reading, researching, and imagining the life Ogden aimed to create for her followers. Start your day off at The Moab Movie Museum, then ride through those same movie backdrops on horseback at Red Cliffs Lodge. 5 minutes off the main route, 17% of way to Moab Best stops along Salt Lake City to Moab drive The top stops along the way from Salt Lake City to Moab (with short detours) are Temple Square, Canyonlands National Park, and Deer Valley Resort. No long forms. It also comes with some exclusive benefits, including car advice, key replacement, and Uber creditsand it only costs. Without cell service and any information at the site, it was hard to appreciate and contextualize what I was seeing. Top it all off with the crme brle for a truly decadent dinner. 6 hours of driving. As I explored Iosepa I was amazed by the settler's resilience. This may not be the best way, but it is another option if you dont want to drive the 4-hour drive. From Bryce Canyon, head northeast to Moab. There are several rental car companies in the Salt Lake area, with many great options available at the Salt Lake Airport. Six Weekend Road Trips from Salt Lake City. That question followed me for the rest of my afternoon in the national park that's located outside Moab. Try to take a midday nap and rest up for the amazing nighttime starlight dark sky extravaganza. In pioneer days, wranglers would drive wild horses into the flat and barricade the entrance, corralling them on the inescapable point. Price is another small town with a rich mining history. Thanksgiving Point is a community attraction featuring kid-friendly museums and an expansive, stunning garden. Whether you choose to drive, fly, or take a bus or shuttle, the journey from Salt Lake City to Moab is sure to be an adventure that youll never forget. Welcome to an idyllic weekend road trip to Moab. As I passed through Spanish Fork, I decided to grab lunch at the temple's vegetarian buffet. On average, you can expect to pay around $60 per day for a standard car. Today, bits of Swiss culture are sprinkled throughout Midway. Many people will start their Moab vacation from the Salt Lake City area or the SLC airport. This is the perfect base to spend a couple of nights while you explore nearby Stop #2: Arches National Park, a mere 15 minutes away by car. Beat is a good guide for explaining the differences between the two. After spending an hour immersed in the music, I understood why so many people flockto these rehearsals every week, and if I ever happen to be in Salt Lake on a Thursday, I'd make an effort to visit again. How far is Salt Lake City to Moab by plane? According to Atlas Obscura, the petroglyphs and pictographs were created by three Indigenous tribes, the Utes, Fremont, and Archaic groups, thousands of years ago. Moab to Salt Lake City road trip planner Here's a sample itinerary for a drive from Moab to Salt Lake City. The community didn't last long. I plugged in the Dream Mine on Google Maps, which led me to a gated road. Follow UT-61 north back to UT-95, where youll take a right and drive for 28 miles to US-191. One of the most fun and accessible hiking trails is The Living Room. : Want to learn about the natural environment around you? drive for about 3 hours. As you visit, do your part to keep Utah Forever Mighty. From Capitol Reef, take Main Street to UT-24 east (48 miles), then continue straight on UT-95 south (93 miles). Our flight from ATL . Take advantage of some of them, and make sure you take in the wonderful views! handled everything from canceling my old policy to establishing my new one! There are three campgrounds in Zion, two of which (South and Watchman) can be reserved in advance. Traveling solo, with hubby Chris, or the entire Barrett clan there is always a story waiting to be told. offers an excellent roadside assistance program. I rented a Jeep for five days with a plan to explore Moab and its surrounding desert towns,before heading up to Midway, andending in Salt Lake City. Before you leave, swing by Bryce Point for some of the parks best-loved vistas. If youre looking to explore Salt Lake and the surrounding areas along the way to Moab over an extended period of time, you might want to consider renting an RV. But realize that if we do that it will take all of our time. Two intriguing and different Utah destinations Moab and Salt Lake City are waiting for you to explore their gifts. The Delicate Arch Trail is the most famous hike in the area, but there are many more that the whole family will love. We want to be leisurely, so can you suggest an overnight stop between Santa Monica and the GC. The ghost town is located 40 minutes from Moab and near the south entrance to Canyonlands National Park. I looked for a nearby park, and instead, spotted the amphitheater on the map. I arrived and was told there was a 60-minute wait for a table. The point is accessible by a precariously narrow road dont look down. Throughout the West, you will come upon dinosaur museums in the most unlikely little towns. Be sure to check the schedule in advance and book your tickets early. drive for about 4 hours. Experiencing the world-renowned Tabernacle Choir should be on every music lovers bucket list. It was some of the best food I had during my trip. Lehi 23F. From Moab, its a little less than four hours back to Salt Lake Citythat is, if you can pry yourself away. Within two hours of departing the city, you'll enter the Colorado Plateau, which is home to the mountains, rock arches, canyons, and rivers that make the Southwest a stunning natural playground. Operated by Salt Lake Express, the Salt Lake City to Moab bus service departs from Downtown Salt Lake and arrives in Moab, UT. Heighten your adrenaline and explore the stark landscape on the Fins and Things 44 trail. Note: Some information in this piece was obtained during a sponsored press trip, but all recommendations are my own. Spring and fall are the best times to visit Moab. Interested in a map of this Utah itinerary? For more road trip inspiration, check out our library of itineraries from some of the Wests biggest travel hubs. This is a very strenuous ride, so you might elect to sample the 1.6 mile Slickrock Practice Trail instead, or consult with a local bike shop for a better suited trail. From Zion, head back to UT-9 (24 miles, then take a left on US-89 north. Nothing quite compares to the adventurous spirit of a road trip. I found the experience of driving up to a soda drive-thru anytime during the day since many open as early as 7 a.m. to be simple, cheap, and fun. Hike Canyon Overlook Trail (1 hour, 1 mi/1.6 km round trip) The park also has two primitive campgrounds, which are free. If youre traveling with young children or those who might be unable to explore the parks on foot, never fear! How Old To Rent A Car? Day 1 Salt Lake to Moab 234 Miles Arches National Park It takes about four hours to drive from Salt Lake City to Moab, or flights from Salt Lake City International Airport are available most days and only take about an hour. Members save $872/year. If you have the time, a 4- or 6-day Cataract Canyon rafting trip will give you the ultimate taste of red rock country. Day 1: Arrive in Moab. Today, the ghost town is privately owned, so people can only view the remaining buildings from a distance. Whether you want to make the drive in a single day or plan to take several stops along the way, this guide will help you plan your journey from start to finish. In May, I disembarked the luxury Rocky Mountaineer train and arrived in Moab, Utah. Tours and equipment for these sports are available throughout the area and are a good time, especially if you are doing activities for the first time. day 1 driving 4 hours. Greyhound estimates travel time of 6 hours and 5 minutes. There are two main driving routes from Salt Lake City to Moab: I-15 S and US-6 E/US-191 S The quickest route is via I-15 S and US-6 E/US-191 S, which takes you through Spanish Fork and Price before reaching Moab. With staggering sights and easy access to national parks, Moab is a great place to visit. First of all, dont panic! How can I make sure my friend is covered to drive my car during a road trip? 1969 - 2021 OARS Companies Inc. All rights reserved. Home of Brigham Young University, Provo is a good spot to stop and stretch your legs. While I visited in the spring, I'm eager to return to Midway in the winter, when winter activities are in full swing and the town is blanketed in snow. With soda shops sprinkled across the state, I chose pop more often than coffee during my road trip. This route takes you through the heart of Utahs stunning countryside, past majestic mountains, red rock formations, and deep canyons. Imagine being on a movie set with John Wayne as you ride horseback through familiar movie backdrops, orfollow the path of explorer John Wesley Powellas you float down the Colorado. Real tracks from nearly a dozen different dinosaurs are on display, and your family can walk the same path they did. Plus, a soda never cost me more than $3.14. Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the authors opinions and recommendations alone. As the day winds down, be sure to spend the evening popping into the galleries, gift shops and outfitters that line Main Street for a sense of Moabs charm. You would fly out of Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) to Canyonlands Field Airport (CNY), which is located 18 miles north of Moab. The landscape along the way makes you want to grab your water bottle a must-have in the hot, desert environment and hike through the red rock formations. Another option is to take a shuttle service, such as Moab Express or Road Runner Shuttle, which offer door-to-door service from Salt Lake City to Moab. The next time I'm in Midway, I'll still visit, but I'd likely opt to just swim instead of dive, which costs only $18, or I'd splurge for a $75 paddleboard yoga session in the crater. Day 1: Salt Lake City A full day in Salt Lake City is an ideal way to start your trip. You can easily get lost in the beauty of these parks. At 234 miles, this route takes about 4 hours. 2023 Simple Rent Car. may appear arid and sparse, theres plenty to do in the Beehive State. Some travelers drive from Salt Lake City to Arches National Park just to reconnect with nature and truly experience the sheer beauty of Moab and the surrounding areas. You will find exciting adventures, history, refined culture, and amazing cuisine along the way. Follow those signs. 1 hour Malad City. Since the church's members are urged not to consume alcohol, tobacco, and hot caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee in the church, according to The Washington Post, some people turned to soda. To start, take a look around the. Theres a lot of hiking coming up! From horseback riding to backcountry hiking, the options are endless. We loved seeing the different sizes and different kinds of dinosaurs. You can still experience the stunning vistas of the park from the comfort of your own vehicle on a scenic loop drive. Its a great place to take a hike and explore the otherworldly landscape. Then, cap your day off with an adrenaline pumping tour of Hells Revenge with a local guide.